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Broad vision. Careful thought. Hand-crafted design.

A wood and white kitchen
A concrete designed bathroom
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The kitchen isn't just the place to prepare meals.  It's the heartbeat of the home.  Whether to improve functionality, meet your personal style,  or upgrade for your family's needs, a kitchen update can provide the place where friends congregate during parties, where midnight snack discussions take place, homework gets done, and major decisions are made.

A newly remodeled bathroom adds value, comfort, safety, and style to any home.  Franklin Remodeling can revitalize your bathroom to create an inviting space that is highly functional, stylish and incorporate smart design to ensure you have plenty of storage.  Even relatively modest upgrades can have high-impact results. 

When it’s time to expand, restructure, redesign, or re-envision your business, we have the solutions. Commercial remodeling is the best option to provide your company a contemporary look, upgrading and elevating your brand, providing more space, and increased productivity while decreasing costs.

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